Law’s Choice Wheat Whiskey

The quality that goes into the manufacturing of Law's Choice is in the story behind the family. The Law family has been making whisky for over sixty years. Our product continues to be manufactured and bottled right where it all started in Franklin County, Virginia. For us at Law's Choice, this is more than just a product to sell; this is our family legacy we hope to share with the world.

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In 1952, sixteen-year-old Amos Law began his career as a moonshiner in Franklin County Virginia, better known as the Moonshine Capital of the World. By the 1970's, he was a kingpin of a modern day moonshine industry and the head of an organization with distribution up and down the East Coast. Learn more... Order The Book - 100 Proof and read the History behind the Law family. The Untold Stories of the Notorious Franklin County Moonshiner Amos Law.

Send your questions to Henry Lee Law, Master Distiller.

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